ER Indonesia is a subsidiary of PT. Bundamedik (RSIA Bunda Jakarta, RSU Bunda Jakarta, RSU BMC Padang, RSU Bunda Margonda , Bunda International Clinic) and also member of Group RS. Bunda Indonesia (Medan, Batam, Padang, Palembang, Jakarta, Depok and Semarang) which is engaged in promoting overall health outside the health service hospital, like.

  • Medical evacuation of patients from newborns to adults
  • Basic ambulance service
  • Ambulance service for special events
  • the company clinic
  • home health care
  • First Aid Training

Which is also supported by a full ambulance service and supported by a network of hospitals in Jakarta, outside Jakarta, even abroad.

PT Indonesia Emergency Response (ER) is one of the leading providers of medical emergencies outside the hospital in Indonesia, which is also the company one roof with PT Bundamedik and included in the Alliance Mother of Indonesia. ER Indonesia main services include assistance and referral of patients between hospitals which can be done in the city, outside the city, as well as abroad using ground ambulance or air ambulance.

Based on available data, there are many victims / patients who die before reaching the intended health-care facilities. This is because:

  • Condition of roads in Jakarta were jammed.
  • Lack of medical personnel nurse doctor only reliable and trained in handling cases of health outside the hospital, mainly handling cases of emergency and trauma cases.
  • The absence of an ambulance that has international standard that can handle the transportation of patients with emergency cases, trauma cases especially critical cases (ICU).
  • The absence of a referral network among hospitals both in the city of Jakarta, outside Jakarta and abroad.

To answer this challenge ER was established, so that the expected mortality and disability pre- Hospitals can be lowered so that the patient / victim can be dealt with appropriately before in referred to the hospital.


Being a health care provider with specificity handling emergency cases and medical transport professionals according to international standards


  1. Improving the quality of patient transport service quality infant / child
  2. Product development of transport services in adult patients
  3. Improving the quality and capability of human resources
  4. Development of hospital networks both local, domestic and international


Customer Concern
To be responsible
Respect for others
Providing Excellent Service


Save your family… With Us!

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