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CPR Methode for Kid

CPR stands for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. CPR for children as the first aid measures if the child is not breathing or heartbeat stops beating. It is an event which is not to happen to your desired.

It can occur in children who recently: drowning, choking, suffocation, or injured and involved an accident.

If you find something like that, immediately call the police emergency number 110 and no 118 or 119 for ambulance emergency call. And make sure people who have been trained to immediately perform CPR on the child.

In the CPR there are two actions taken, namely:

  1. provide breathing (to provide air / oxygen into the lungs of children)
  2. pressing / pumping the chest (to drain blood from the heart throughout the body)

All parents or who work to safeguard children, must be able to perform CPR. If today, you do not know how to perform CPR, immediately contact the relevant agencies that can provide CPR training for you.

Here is a little CPR procedure that you can do if it happens to a child who is not breathing and no pulse (no blood flow):

  1. Check whether the child is still conscious and breathing or not. Touch or pat the boy’s body, and ask if he was alright.
  2. If no answer, immediately shouted for help, or you can call emergency numbers.
  3. Lay slowly in supine by two people, with caution (avoid the child in case of fracture or injury to the bone back)
  4. Perform CPR with first step is to pump / compress the chest:
  • put your hands over the ends of the bone area of ​​the child’s chest, just below the nipple line, but not too close to the tip of the breastbone child
  • your hands again pressing one child’s forehead so that a child’s throat slightly drawn up, the child’s chin went up, and forehead head slightly depressed downward
  • press the kid’s chest with not too strong
  • press as much as 30 times, but make sure each pressing, let the child’s chest to back it up perfectly and then pressed back, until the count to 30 and then stopped.
  • open air respiratory, lift the chin and throat of the children up to the top, the forehead slightly pressed down
  • note whether there are signs of breathing and chest child back to back move, hold the ears in the child’s chest
  • if the child is still not breathing, perform administration of oxygen by means of:
    • open the child’s mouth, put your mouth on the child’s mouth (can be directly into the child’s mouth or using tools)
    • cap the child’s nose
    • make sure the child chin remains lifted and forehead still pressed down
    • give 2 times blowing oxygen into the lungs of children
    • every breath of oxygen, carried about 1 second, and chest lifted up because the flow of air into the lungs
  • continue the process of CPR for 2 minutes
  • if after 2 minutes there was still no sign of breathe again, immediately contact emergency numbers like 110 for police and 118 or 119 for an ambulance
  • continue CPR until medics arrived

If the child has returned breathing, immediately place the child in recovery conditions, and keep up the children in order to keep breathing until medical help arrived.

Contact ER Indonesia (Indonesia Emergency Response), at 021-310 6886 if you are in need of immediate medical assistance and ambulance.

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Emergency Phone Number

For those of you who currently require emergency telephone number, which is an event relating to:

  • police
  • fire fighter
  • medical attention
  • evacuation victims to hospitals
  • and other

You can contact the following emergency numbers:

Police telephone number 110
118 or 119 ambulance phone number
115 SAR phone number
129 natural disaster command phone number
123 PLN phone number
113 firefighters telephone number
(021) 7256526 suicide prevention phone number
(021) 3106886 air ambulance or ambulance evacuation by PT ER Indonesia

And No. 112 is the emergency telephone number for the public who can be contacted directly from the your GSM / Mobile.

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Fun Bike Summarecon Bekasi 2015

On 12-13 September 2015, Summarecon Mall Bekasi held a big event Fun Bike 2015 (Bicycle Festival). That is a race event sepedah with various categories. Enlivened by events events / events such as: Dance, Live Music, BMX Things, Door Pirze, and Bazaar.

ER Indonesia, participated in the organization of this festival fun bike event. Providing emergency medical services if there is a medical condition that occurs when the event is in progress. Such as: accidents cyclists, fainting, and other medical matters.

er stand by lokasi fun bike situasi fun bike 4

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Occupational Health Training Indosat M2

The medical examination of workers is crucial for large enterprise companies. Companies should have workers workers who are ready to work with the maximum. Employee health factor becomes important.

The medical examination of workers or prospective workers must be done by a professional institution and have valid licenses.

In September 2015, Indonesia ER invited to fill trainign inhouse seminar on occupational health in Indosat M2 Jakarta.

Seminar material is filled directly by the Director of ER Indonesia, Dr. Edi Alpino.

In addition to the seminar, of course, also do medical check-ups for employees M2.

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concert Ariana Grande- The Honeymon Tour

On August 26, JIExpo Kemayoran Hall B-C held a concert Ariana Grande. Ariana Grande popularity in the world and in Indonesia is very high.

So during the concert, many Indonesian people who were present at the concert Ariana Grande. Thus, can not be avoided, there will be a lot of medical activities, such as fainting, dehydration, and the other another.

Therefore, ER Indonesia was also present at the concert event to help the handling of medical emergency that occurred during the concert event.

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Silver Reunion 90 SMAN 8 Jakarta

SMAN 8 Jakarta in June 2015 held a grand reunion of ‘Silver Reunion Smandel 90’.

In this silver reunion event, many events are carried out, such as:

  • social activities
  • medical check up
  • talk show between students and speakers
  • seminar for public health
  • and others

And of course ER Indonesia, participated in the event the 90 Smandel silver reunion.